KIPP Vision Academy

  • Grades Served 5-8

  • Founded 2010

  • Students 404

  • Teachers 33

About Us

Founded in 2010, KIPP Vision Academy was the fourth KIPP Metro Atlanta school to open and was founded on five core African values: Respect (Bi-Nka-Bi), Unity (Nkonsonnkonson), Reflection (Sankofa), Diligence (Aya), and Fun (Dono). At KIPP Vision Academy, we cultivate our students’ inherent genius in order for them to be builders of their communities, change agents of the social challenges of their time, and socially responsible leaders of the future. The design of our classrooms and hallways embrace the aspect of community and reflect African huts and villages.

KIPP Vision Academy is located inside the oldest Atlanta Public Schools building and shares the building with KIPP Vision Primary School (grades K-4), offering a full K-8 academic experience. In October 2020, the KIPP Vision campus will open a health clinic that will serve families and friends in our community.

Donald Rucker serves as principal of KIPP Vision Academy. Previously, he served as the assistant principal for KIPP Vision Primary School. Dr. Rucker began his career in education after graduating from Maryville College. He began his education career teaching 4th Grade English in Hebei County, China, and shortly after 3rd and 4th Grade ELA in Greenville, Alabama. He also served as a founding first and second-grade teacher before stepping into the assistant principal role at KIPP Vision Primary.

Dr. Rucker holds his doctorate in School Improvement with a concentration in Educational Leadership. Dr. Rucker is deeply committed to creating equitable and dynamic spaces that cause kids to want to run to school each day.

KIPP Vision Academy School Feeder Pattern

Extracurricular Activities

At KIPP Vision Academy we offer the following extracurricular activities:

  • Dance
  • Music
  • Uplift – Girls mentoring program
  • Close Ties – Boys mentoring program

Our Core Values

  • Respect

  • Unity

  • Reflection

  • Diligence

  • Fun

School Calendar

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Our Results

Our students’ academic results continue to prove what is possible in education.