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Supporting Alumni Through College, Career, and Beyond

KIPP Forward is an innovative program that supports our students on the journey to and through college. Our dedicated college counselors help our high school students identify the best post-secondary options based on their interests and passions. After high school graduation, KIPP persistence advisors help more than 2,000 alumni navigate the academic, social, and financial challenges they may encounter in college or while pursuing a career.

KIPP Forward ensures our students, about 60% of whom are the first in their families to attend college, have the academic, social, and financial support they need to succeed. We are proud to be able to celebrate with dozens of our alumni who have graduated from college and are now pursuing graduate degrees and professional careers in areas such as finance, education, and medicine.

All KIPP Metro Atlanta alumni – whether they graduated from KIPP Atlanta Collegiate or completed eighth grade at a KIPP Metro Atlanta middle school – are supported by our KIPP Forward team. We also provide programming for lower grades to help families get an early start on financial and other planning for college.

KIPP Metro Atlanta’s commitment to our students does not end with high school graduation. We currently support over 2,000 college-aged alumni. We stay connected to our alumni throughout their college journey to ensure they have the academic, social, and financial support they need. As we evolve, we are committed to developing programming that supports a wider variety of postsecondary pathways towards fulfilling careers and lives.

Choosing a College

KIPP has learned that not all colleges are equal when it comes to graduation rates for students from low-income communities. KIPP uses the College Match Framework while counseling students and families through the college decision-making process. Students who “match” well are more likely to graduate within 4-6 years. While the College Match Framework outlines in detail the steps that high school Juniors and Seniors should follow, the four steps below are critical for all students as they prepare for the match process:

Persisting Through College

After students graduate from KIPP schools, KIPP alumni coaches and counselors remain dedicated to helping students earn a degree on the path to a life full of opportunity. Throughout college there are several crucial moments that can put a student at risk of leaving school; conversely, there are some key behaviors that keep a student on the path to graduation. Our support approach is informed by rigorous research, our students’ experiences, and the knowledge and expertise of our community.

A Word From Our Alumni

We support our KIPP students and alumni on their individual paths to and through college.

We are committed to ensuring our students receive the support necessary for them to persist through high school and college. Since our first graduating class in 2015, we have been preparing our high school alumni for their post-secondary life – college, career, and beyond.

  • “At KIPP, I had the space to grow and figure out who I was. KIPP allowed for me to be focused and provided the resources to help me navigate to and through college.”

  • “KIPP feels like home to me. My dream is to return to my high school as a band director, so that I can bring the power of music to the lives of other young people. I believe in KIPP and wear my KIPPster title as a badge of honor.”

  • “The entire KIPP program has laid a very strong foundation in my education and I ultimately feel more prepared for the future.”

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