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KIPP Metro Atlanta educates more than 5,300 students across 11 schools.

KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools is a network of free public charter and partner schools located in the city of Atlanta and East Point.  At KIPP, we believe every child should group up free to create the future they want for themselves and their community. Our 10 schools and one district partner school are open to all students who reside within the Atlanta Public Schools district or Fulton County Schools district (for KIPP South Fulton Academy).

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Our Academics

KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools believe all KIPPsters will grow up to create the future they want for themselves and their communities. To nurture the necessary academic knowledge and skills in our students, our teachers foster a joyful and rigorous classroom environment where students critically think to read, speak, and write about content and analytically solve problems. Through a well-developed program of individualized services and supports, all students are afforded the equitable opportunity to achieve academically, behaviorally, and socially.

  • Literacy Classrooms

    Our literacy classrooms foster a love of reading and writing by enabling students to develop foundational literacy skills, to leverage those skills with increasing independence and sophistication, and to pursue personally meaningful reading, writing, and speaking opportunities.

  • Mathematics Classrooms

    Our mathematics classrooms foster a culture of achievement, growth, and joy by supporting students in developing conceptual understanding, mastering procedural fluency, applying knowledge to engage in real-world problems, and becoming flexible independent and logical thinkers who can effectively communicate their results.

  • Science Classrooms

    Our science classrooms provide students the opportunity to explore and engage in critical thinking. We focus on making thinking visible by encouraging students to express their ideas and understanding through written and verbal responses to support in gaining a deeper understanding of the content.

  • Social Studies Classrooms

    Our social studies classrooms empower students to deepen their understanding of themselves and the world around them, developing knowledge of the world, history, and current events and viewing themselves as empowered and informed individuals.

  • Enrichment Classrooms

    Our enrichment classrooms provide students with opportunities to explore fine arts, STEM, physical movement, language, and creative expression while fostering choice and examining individualized gifts and talents.

Our K-12 Schools

Our Primary Schools

Kindergarten through 4th Grade

Our five primary schools are where our students begin their academic journeys. While in primary school, our students love and curiosity for learning is cultivated. Our primary schools are based in community, love, joy, and are committed to providing robust, interactive, and stimulating lessons that plant the seeds of confidence and instill the belief in our students that they can be anything they choose to be.

Our Middle Schools

5th grade through 8th Grade

The history of KIPP and KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools began with middle schools. We believe that middle school is a critically-important stage in a student’s academic career. Our five middle schools provide an academically rigorous learning environment while maintaining the joy and love essential for students to thrive. Our middle schools prepare students for high school and create an array of opportunities to begin their exploration into post-secondary options.

Our High School

9th Grade through 12th Grade

Our high school, KIPP Atlanta Collegiate, is where our students are guided and supported on their path towards earning a high school diploma and making decisions on their post-secondary education and career. Our KIPP Forward counselors begin to work with each student to design a college wish list and decide college matches based on each student’s individual passions. At KIPP Atlanta Collegiate, our students are supported every step of the way towards high school graduation and beyond – whether it be college, career, or the military – that is our commitment.


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