About Marni Mohr

Community Volunteer

With more than twenty years of experience with non-profit education organizations, Marni brings considerable expertise to her volunteer and philanthropic work. Throughout her five-year tenure with the KIPP Foundation, she worked to establish and maintain relationships with key decision makers throughout the region to ensure that facilities, funding, and charters were in place for KIPP Schools to open, fostered relationships with local community-based organizations, education groups, businesses, foundations, and political and influential community leaders, and worked to connect KIPP schools to best practices. She also assisted school leaders in developing critical programs and strategies, including business operations, financial management, staff recruitment and retention, community and school district relations, and board development.

Before joining KIPP, Marni served in various capacities with non-profit education organizations, including Junior Achievement of Georgia and the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education.

Her educational background includes a B.S. in Foreign Service from Georgetown University. She serves on the Board of Georgia Fugees Academy Charter School, is the Chair of Odyssey’s Advisory Council, and is an honorary KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools Board member.

Why I love KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools: I love KIPP because it is an organization of like-minded people focused on creating educational equity opportunities. I love KIPP because it is another family- for me and so many others – that brings joy, has high expectations, impacts life trajectories, and has forever made a mark on my heart.